Set Required Fields

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Most fields in a data entry form are optional by default, meaning that data enterers can leave them blank and still submit the data entry form for approval. The Data Entry Form Template Designer lets you set certain fields as required. Most types of fields, including options lists, text fields, and custom defined fields (CDF), can be set as required. Some elements, such as tables and fields with graphical buttons, cannot be required.

  1. In the form designer pane, select the element and click the Properties button.
  2. If the element can be set as required, the Required check box is available.
    Component Property Editor window
  3. From the Component Property Editor window, select the Required option.
  4. Note.jpg If you select Display Required Colour, it will be visual during data entry that the field is required.

    When there is only one option left in the template for a single-select field then it is highly recommended to make it both required and default.

  5. Click Submit.