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In Local IMSMA Wiki you have two different search options:

Kiwix Search functionality.png

Kiwix - Two different Search functionalities

  1. Clicking on Kiwix Search icon.png activates the Find in text functionality which search only in the current page. The search pane is located at the bottom of the Kiwix window.
    Kiwix Find in text.png

    Kiwix - Find in text pane

  2. If you would like to Search for something in all pages, type your word and click Enter.
    Kiwix Search pages.png

    Kiwix - Search pages

    Zim error.png

    If you get this error message then you need to create a search index

Create Search Index

  1. In order to be able to Search in all pages, an index must be generated.
  2. Go to C:\IMSMAng\trayLauncher\exe\Kiwix and double-click on the file ImsmaWiki.zim.
  3. There is no menu option to create a search index. The index creation is triggered by searching.
  4. Search for e.g. gis.
    Kiwix Index.png

    Kiwix - Create index

  5. Click OK
    Kiwix Index confirm.png

    Kiwix - Create index finished

  6. An index progress bar will appear in the lower right corner of the Kiwix window.