Save a Data Entry Form Template

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Note.jpg A few important notes:
  • The name should not contain special characters like “\” @ &
  • When saving changes to an existing Data Entry Form template, the name must be exactly the same. The name is case-sensitive.
  • Templates that you create are saved in the My Templates folder and are stored in the C:\IMSMAng\client\FormTemplates\MyTemplates folder.
  • The file name that you enter is the name of the file that is stored in the C:\IMSMAng\client\FormTemplates\MyTemplates folder for the Data Entry Form and the name displayed under the My Templates folder of the Data Entry Form Template Designer. It is not the name displayed in the Data Entry Form Template Selection window.
  1. To save the Data Entry Form file, click the Save button in the Data Entry Form Template Designer window.
  2. The Save window displays. Enter a file name, and click the Save button.
  3. To cancel the save operation, click the Cancel button.