Reconciling and Approving Data in IMSMANG

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The Data Entry process is a series of steps to ensure high-level quality data inside IMSMANG.

The Data Entry process consists of three major steps:

  1. Reconcile
  2. Data Entry
  3. Approve

an overview of the process is found here.

The major steps consist in their turn of several subtasks which may be carried out by one or more different persons and/or stakeholders in the Mine Action Programme. For data quality purposes, it is important that the data is adequately checked. With multiple permission levels for the Approval, different users can be assigned different permissions, allowing Mine Action Programmes to implement a data-entry workflow that distinguishes between data entry and data verification roles. It is important to have locally defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Data Entry which defines who-does-what and who is responsible for Data Verification.

Warning.jpg A Data Entry Form that is changing existing information must have a Date of information that is later than the Data Entry Form that it is updating the calculation of the Summary item(s) are based on Date of Information. When the date is earlier or the same, the Summary items will not be updated.

There are different Data Entry actions: