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The Reporting, Analysis and Prevention of Incidents in Demining (RAPID) database records accidents and incidents involving field employees at the workplace. On request by UNMAS, it was designed by the GICHD and is based upon IMSMANG.


  • records key elements of demining accidents/incidents, but not sensitive information such as names, organisations or pictures of the personnel involved;
  • records information on the demining tools and personal protective equipment used and the environmental conditions in which the accident/incident occurred;
  • collects information from all programmes and countries;
  • enables the analysis of trends in demining accidents;
  • makes information on global accident trends available on its website.

RAPID aims to encourage changes in work practice and to develop safer tools and protective equipment in order to prevent future accidents. Its comprehensive approach makes it unique and different to other existing demining accidents databases.

The GICHD manages this database and requests cooperation from all programmes and where applicable, demining organisations to report on accidents/incidents.

Note.jpg The Inspiration Data Entry Form template for RAPID Accident has been corrected and is available for download here.