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New 6.0.png Major Non-conformity, Minor Non-conformity and Observation were added in 6.0.
Note.jpg The main table is called qa, the entity type is called QC, the target is called Qainfoversion and the main maXML artifact is QAActivity.


DIM Label Data type Database column name Enumcategory Pojo name
Clearance Equipment Inspected Multi-select ClearanceEquipmentInspected ClearanceEquipmentInspected
Facilities Inspected Multi-select FacilitiesInspected FacilitiesInspected
Method Used Multi-select QA Method QaMethods
Support Equipment Inspected Multi-select SupportEquipmentInspected SupportEquipmentInspected
Worksite Multi-select Worksite Worksite
Acceptance Date Date accpetance_date AcceptanceDate
Accredited by UNMAO Single-select accreditedbyunmao_guid Yes No Answer AccreditedByUnmao
Activity Type Single-select activitytype_guid QAActivityType ActivityType
Additional Info Text additionalinformation AdditionalInformation
Adequate Supervision Single-select adequatesupervision_guid Yes No Answer AdequateSupervision
Area Size Numeric areasize AreaSize
Clearance Area Description String clearanceareadescription ClearedAreaDesc
Clearance Depth Numeric clearancedepth ClearanceDepth
Cleared Area Size Numeric clearedareasize ClearedAreaSize
Compliant with NMAS / NTSG Single-select compliantwithntsg_guid Yes No Answer CompliantWithNtsg
Compliant with Org SOP Single-select compliantwithorgsop_guid Yes No Answer CompliantWithOrgsop
Inactive - contact_guid Contacts
Copy To Text copyto CopyTo
Debrief Accepted Single-select debriefedaccepted_guid Yes No Answer DebriefedAccepted
Debrief Provided Single-select debriefedprovided_guid Yes No Answer DebriefedProvided
Delivery Date Date delivery_date DeliveryDate
Documentation Single-select documentation_guid Documentation Documentation
End Date Date enddate EndDate
Equipment Stored Properly Single-select equipmentstoredproperly_guid Yes No Answer EquipStoredProperly
Equipment Suitable Single-select equipmentsuitable_guid Yes No Answer EquipSuitable
Evidence of Testing and Evaluation Single-select evidenceoftande_guid Yes No Answer EvidenceOfTandE
Facilities Suitable Single-select facilitiessuitable_guid Yes No Answer FacilitiesSuitable
Inactive - hazreducref_guid HazreducRef
Hours Spent Numeric hourspent HoursSpent
Inspector Name String InspectorName InspectorName
Internal QM Logs Current Single-select internalqalogscurrent_guid Yes No Answer InternalLogsCurrent
Inactive - macid MacId
MAC Rep Name String macrepname MacRepName
MAC Rep Position String macrepposition MacRepPosition
MAC Rep Sign Date Date macrepsigndate MacRepSignDate
Maintenance Log Current Single-select maintenancelogscurrent_guid Yes No Answer MaintenanceLogsCurrent
Major Non-Conformity Single-select major_non_conformity Yes No Answer MajorNonConformity
Marking Single-select marking_guid Yes No Answer Marking
Minor Non-Conformity Single-select minor_non_conformity Yes No Answer MinorNonConformity
Municipality String municipality Municipality
Noncompliance Corrected Single-select noncompliancecorrected_guid Yes No Answer NoncomplianceCorrected
Object Type Single-select objecttype_guid ObjectType ObjectType
Observation Single-select observation Yes No Answer Observation
Onsite Inspection Purpose String onsite_inspection_purpose OnsiteInspectionPurpose
Operations Suspended Reason String operations_suspended_reason OperationsSuspendedReason
Operations Suspended Single-select operationssuspended_guid Yes No Answer OperationsSuspended
Organisation Organisation org_guid Organisation
Original To Text originalto OriginalTo
Personnel Qualified Single-select personnelqualified_guid Yes No Answer PersonnelQualified
Planned End Date Date plannedenddate PlannedEndDate
Planned Start Date Date plannedstartdate PlannedStartDate
QM ID String qa_localid LocalId
Date of Activity Date qadate Date
Results Text qaresult Result
QM Result Status Single-select qaresultstatus_guid QAResultStatus QaResultStatus
Qualified Medic Available Single-select qualifiedmedicavailable_guid Yes No Answer QualifiedMedicAvail
Quality Assurance By Text qualityassuranceby QualityAssuranceBy
Inactive - referencetype_guid MineActionAreaType ReferenceType
Responsible Authority String respauthname RespAuthName
Responsible Authority Organisation respauthorg_guid RespAuthOrg
Responsible Authority Sign Date Date respauthsigndate RespAuthSignDate
Special Monitoring Reason String special_monitoring_reason SpecialMonitoringReason
Special Monitoring Single-select specialmonitoring_guid Yes No Answer SpecialMonitoring
Start Date Date startdate StartDate
Status Single-select status_guid QAStatus Status
Task Dossier String taskdossier Taskdossier
Uncleared Area Description Text unclearedareadescription UnclearedAreaDescription
Uncleared Area Size Numeric unclearedareasize UnclearedAreaSize
Visitor Logs Current Single-select visitorlogscurrent_guid Yes No Answer VisitorLogsCurrent
Warning Delivered Single-select warningdelivered_guid Yes No Answer WarningDelivered
Warning Explained Single-select warningexplained_guid Yes No Answer WarningExplained
Warning Received Single-select warningreceived_guid Yes No Answer WarningReceived