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Training on user level is provided locally in each Mine Action Programme. A comprehensive understanding of the situation and environment is required in order to better answer needs and requirements of the IMSMA systems users. Hands-on training on IMSMA systems is tailored according to local Information Management processes and SOPs. By providing training in the working environment, roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders can also be taken into account.

Training on Administrator level is provided by GICHD either in Switzerland or in a region.

IMSMA systems training

The establishment of the Mine action Information management Qualification (MIQ) scheme made the training courses delivered by the GICHD more effective, through greater standardisation of outcome competencies for each core Information Management role of a Mine Action Programme. The training courses have formal prerequisites, learning objectives and are role-oriented. Note that all training course have exams with minimum scores defined for reaching the certification. The levels of qualification are divided into two groups with several levels:

  • U = User training which is conducted in country by certified IMSMANG Administrators.
  • A = Administrator training which is conducted by GICHD. For upcoming courses consult the calendar of events.

The different target participants for the different levels are described here.

Download the wiki IMSMA administrator level 1 training flowchart

These pages are referenced during our training courses
Pages used in User Pages used in A1

Do you plan to conduct a User training or would you like GICHD to conduct a training in your country/region? Then contact your GICHD IM advisor.

We have developed a standard set of User training material in English that we may share with you.


In the training courses that GICHD is providing, general GIS and ArcGIS are not included. We recommend ESRI's on-line courses. There are courses that are for free and courses that has a cost.


In the training courses that GICHD is providing, basic database knowledge and SQL are not included. We have identify websites with free online training.

Please note that it is not wise to add or delete from the IMSMA database with SQL due to the complex database structure. If you need to add data from other data sources e.g. Excel, shape-files and other databases, contact your GICHD IM advisor.