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This is the administration portal for IMSMANG, mainly aimed towards administrators of the system rather than the end-users of IMSMANG. If you can't find what you want here you might want to try looking in the Using IMSMANG. There is also another Portal, Technical Notes which contains pages of a more technical FAQ characteristic.

Installation and uninstallation of 6.0

Upgrading to V6.0 from earlier versions consists of several activities and should be planned together with your GICHD IM advisor.

Install IMSMANG Version 6.0 Guide provides instructions on how to install IMSMANG version 6.0 for the first time.
Install IMSMANG Version 6.0 Patch Guide provides instructions on how to apply a patch to an existing IMSMANG version 6.0.
Uninstall IMSMANG and related applications

Information Management

This section describes the process for understanding and documenting the important pieces of an information model for implementing in IMSMANG. This section covers the pieces in detail and provides guidance and suggestions to information managers for making key decisions when establishing IMSMANG as their information management system.

Understanding Mine Action Information Management Understanding-and-documenting-information-model-arrow.png Managing Information Using IMSMANG Understanding-and-documenting-information-model-arrow.png Understanding IMSMA Information Model Understanding-and-documenting-information-model-arrow.png Understanding IMSMA Workflows and Business Rules Understanding-and-documenting-information-model-arrow.png Understanding Configuration Options

Steps for Understanding and Documenting an Information Model


Manage Information