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Other tables may be divided in groups of:

  1. 1:M tables for cdfvalues e.g. hazard_has_cdfvalue
  2. 1:M tables for geospatial data e.g. hazard_has_geospatialinfo
  3. 1:M tables for multi-select data e.g. hazard_has_imsmaenum
  4. 1:M tables for creating Summary window data e.g. hazardinfoversion which has their own 1:M for cdfvalues, geospatial data and multi-selct data
  5. tables used for Impact scoring
    • template
    • templatefactor
    • templatefactorweight
    • templatescenario
    • templatescoringrange
  6. link table
  7. Data Inventory Manager tables
  8. migration tables that were used as temporary storage when data is migrated from Legacy
    • contact
    • imsma3x_fieldreport_xref
    • imsma3x_location_xref
    • map
    • mrecontactversion
    • socioeconomicinfo
    • tblapplicationmac
    • tbldailyrecord
    • tbllessonlearned
    • tblmineriskeducationactivitycontact
    • tblorganisationcontact
    • tblpersonnelmac
    • tblplacecontact
    • tblsketch
    • tbltask
    • tbltaskconnection
  9. system tables
  10. inactive tables
    • hazreducversion_involvedorg
    • mrecontactversion.

These tables are not described in the Data Dictionary because some are general and other for data security reasons. Contact your GICHD IM advisor if you have questions about these tables.