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In the Advanced Search it is also possible to build complex searches that contain several parts with the operators AND and/or OR. This type of search is referred to as nested search.

Nested search equation.png
  1. Start with adding the rows with the criteria for the first bracket

  2. Nested search part1.png

  3. To add a new condition group click the OR/AND button. The new criteria group is shown right indented.

  4. Nested search part2.png

  5. Continue to add criterion rows to the new group by clicking on the FieldTemplateIcon.png button. The criteria must be indented to be part of the criteria group.
    In this example Country structure from Location will be used for both rows in the new group
    Since the Province should be either A or B the operator OR will be used inside the criterion group.
  6. Nested search part3.png

Criteria rows.png

Criteria group.png

A blue box around the criterion rows denotes the group.

Note.jpg If you have problems putting the criteria inside a criteria group:
  1. mark AND/OR criterium
  2. click on Add.

Nested criteria issue.png