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Note.jpg To inactive a feature/function, select another feature/function in Map Pane toolbar.

Zoom to Area

To Zoom to Area on the map:

  1. Click the ScaleUpIcon.png button to enable the zoom in function.
  2. Select the area on the map that you would like to zoom in by drawing a rectangle around this area.

Zoom from Area

To Zoom from Area on the map:

  1. Click the ScaleDownIcon.png button to enable the zoom out function.
  2. Zoom out by drawing a rectangle around the area of your interest.

Pan function

To Move the map image, or Panning:

  1. Click the PanHandIcon.png button to enable the pan map control.The cursor changes to a hand to indicate that the pan tool is enabled.
  2. Click the map and while holding down the mouse button, drag the map to the desired position in the map pane.

Go to Home function

The Go to Home OrigScaleIcon.png button displays the map in its original scale and in its original position within the map pane.

Zoom to Full Extent

IMSMA allows you to define locations that are not within the area of the maps that you have available.

To display the map so that it displays with the furthest location defined in IMSMA:

  1. Click the FurthLocIcon.png button.
  2. The map displays the full extent.

Go to Coordinates

The Go To Coordinates CoordWinIcon.png button allows you to navigate to specific coordinates. You can also drop a visual pin at the specific location for reference purposes, see Drop a Visual Pin on the Map.

To go to specific coordinates:

  1. Click the CoordWinIcon.png button. The Recentre On Coordinates window displays.
  2. Select the coordinate system that you would like to use from the list.
    Recentre On Coordinates Windows

    Recentre On Coordinates Windows

  3. Enter the coordinates.
  4. Define desired zoom scale.
  5. Check in Add Pin button if you want to add a pin on the map.
  6. Click the Apply button.
  7. The map recentres on the coordinates that you entered.
Note.jpg The following error message indicates that you either did not enter coordinates, or the coordinates that you entered were not in a valid format. Click on Show Detail for more information. Click the Close button and enter valid coordinates.

Invalid coordinate message.png