Measure Distance on the Map

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Note.jpg The Measure Distance functionality is available only if you are using a projected coordinate system. The functionality is disabled if the coordinate system you are using is unknown or geographic. See Change the Map Projection for more details.

The MeasureLnIcon.png button allows you to measure lines, polylines, and polygons on the map. To measure distances on the map:

  1. Click the MeasureLnIcon.png button to enable the measure distance control. The Measure window displays.
    Measure Window

    Measure Window

    Measure Window Buttons
    Button Description
    Measure Line Measures a line.
    Measure and Area Measures an area. This button is currently not functional.
    Measure a Feature Returns the length, perimeter, area, or coordinates of a feature. This button is currently not functional.
    Show Total (on/off) Calculates the sum of consecutive measurements.
    Choose Units Allows you to change the measurement units for distance or area.
    ClrMeasureBtn.png Clears the measurements.
    Choose Measurement Type Allows you to change the measurement type between Planar, Geodesic, Loxodrome, and Great Eliptic.
  2. Click the MeasureLineBtn.png button to measure a line.
    Note.jpg The MeasureAreaBtn.png and ReturnBtn.png buttons are not functional. To measure the perimeter of a polygon, measure each line of the polygon to get the approximate perimeter.
  3. Click the points of the line or polygon that you would like to measure. To indicate the last point, double-click the last point of the line or polygon. The measurement displays in the Measure window.