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The Location Summary window is a special case of Summary windows since it contains two parts:

  1. top part with toolbar and the tabs with the Summary information about the Location itself and that part is explained here
  2. lower part with item pane with the items assigned to the Location.

When the Location Summary window displays, the number displayed in brackets on each item tab is the number of items that are assigned to the Location. This provides a quick overview on what is assigned to the Location and the assigned items may be opened from here by double-clicking on a row on the tabs.

Location Summary Window – Item Tabs

Location Summary Window – Item Tabs

Allowed Actions on the Items Pane of the Location Summary Window
If you do this… This will happen…
Double-click a record’s row The summary window displays the item record’s data.
Select a record's row and click the Location Reassignment button. The Pick Location window displays, allowing you to assign a new location to the item using a data entry form template. For more information, refer to Reassign Item to another Location.