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If you do not have Internet connection then you will find help in the local IMSMA wiki. The local IMSMA wiki is offline which means:

  • it is not automatically updated with the contents of the online wiki (http://mwiki.gichd.org/IM/Main_Page)
  • it is a file stored on your computer (C:\IMSMAng\trayLauncher\exe\Kiwix\ImsmaWiki.zim).

The local IMSMA wiki is using the Kiwix software and therefore looks and behaves slightly differently than the online IMSMA wiki.

Kiwix Main page.png

Kiwix - Main Page

In the local IMSMA wiki there is no left pane. The different portal may be reached by clicking at the links in the top pane.

Kiwix Home.png

How to get back to Main Page

Click on Home link in the top pane to get back to the Main page. Click on Kiwix Home icon.png opens the Table of Contents with all pages in alphabetic order. The Main page is in the top of the Table of Contents.

Kiwix Table contents.png

Kiwix - Table of Contents