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Links on the IMSMA wiki can either internal, so called Wikilinks, or external links.


Wikilinks are links that point to other Pages on the IMSMA Wiki. Wikilinks are grey if the Page that they point to does not exist.

  • Make links only where they are relevant and helpful in the context: Excessive use of hyperlinks can be distracting, and may slow the reader down. Redundant links clutter the page and make future maintenance harder.
  • Link the first mentioning: Unless the context calls for it, link only the first time a topic is mentioned rather than every time that it appears in the text.
  • Linking to sections: A hash sign (#) followed by the appropriate heading will lead to a relevant part of a page.
  • Check links: Ensure that the destination is the intended one.

External links

Avoid using external links in the body of a page. Pages can include an external links section at the end, pointing to further information outside IMSMA Wiki. The standard format is a primary heading, ==External links==, followed by a bulleted list of links.