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New 6.0.png Ammunition storage, Direct evidence, Estimate area, Evidence of contamination, Indirect evidence, Landowner, Remaining area, Returnees expected, Status changed comment, Status changed date and Status changed reason are new in 6.0.

Mine action area type has changed name to Land classification.

Note.jpg The main table is called hazard, the entity type is called Hazard, the target is called Hazardversion and the main maXML artifact is Hazard.


DIM Label Data type Database column name Enumcategory Pojo name
Direct Evidence Multi-select Direct Evidence DirectEvidence
Indirect Evidence Multi-select Indirect Evidence IndirectEvidence
Marking Type Multi-select Marking Method Markings
Type of Contamination Multi-select Type Of Contamination TypesOfContamination
Ammunition Storage Place ammunition_storage AmmunitionStorage
Anti-lift Fitted Single-select antiliftfitted_guid Yes No Answer AntiLiftFitted
Area Size Numeric areasize AreaSize
Type of Area Single-select areatype_guid AreaType AreaType
Azimuth Numeric azimuth Azimuth
Best Route to Land Text bestroutetohazard Bestroutetohazard
Booby Trapped Numeric boobytrapped_guid BoobyTrapped
Comment Text comments Comments
Type of Hazardous Area Single-select dangerousareatype_guid DangerAreaType DangerType
Ordnance Classification Single-select deviceinfoclassification_guid InformationClassification DeviceClassification
Distance from Nearest Town Numeric distancefromnearesttown Distancefromnearesttown
Estimated Area Numeric estimated_area EstimatedArea
Estimated Length Numeric estimatedlength Estimatedlength
Estimated Width Numeric estimatedwidth Estimatedwidth
Evidence of Contamination Single-select evidence_of_contamination Evidence Of Contamination EvidenceOfContamination
Fighting in Area Single-select fightinginarea_guid Yes No Answer FightingInArea
Land ID String hazard_localid LocalId
Land Description Text hazarddescription Description
Land Name String hazardname Name
Landowner String landowner Landowner
Land Classification Single-select maareatype_guid MineActionAreaType MaAreaType
Inactive - macid Macid
Major Impacts Text majorimpacts Majorimpacts
Inactive - minefieldref_guid Minefieldid
Mines/UXO Condition Single-select minesuxocondition_guid MineCondition Minesuxoconditionid
Municipality String municipality Municipality
Organisation Organisation org_guid Organisation
Priority Single-select priorityenum_guid Priority Priority
Remaining Area Numeric remaining_area RemainingArea
Returnees Expected Single-select returnees_expected Yes No Answer ReturneesExpected
Road Usable For Single-select roadusablefor_guid RoadUsableFor RoadUsableFor
Seasonal Considerations Text seasonalconsideration Seasonalconsideration
Status Changed Comment Text status_changed_comment StatusChangedComment
Status Changed Date Date status_changed_date StatusChangedDate
Status Changed Reason Single-select status_changed_reason Hazard Status Changed Reason StatusChangedReason
Status Single-select status_guid HazardStatus Status
Inactive - surveyref_guid Surveyref
Inactive - taskref_guid Taskref