Land Medical Facility Data

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New 6.0.png Data type of Time to medical facility is changed to Time in 6.0. Time to medical facility reflects how long it take to get to the medical facility from the work site.

Med facility.png

DIM Label Data type Database column name Enumcategory Pojo name
Medical Facility Level 1 String medicalfacilitylevel1 Medicalfacilitylevel1
Medical Facility Level 2 String medicalfacilitylevel2 Medicalfacilitylevel2
Medical Facility Level 3 Place medicalfacilitylevel3_guid Medicalfacilitylevel3
Medical Facility Level 4 Place medicalfacilitylevel4_guid Medicalfacilitylevel4
Travel Time to Medivac Place medivac_guid Medivac
Time to Travel to Level 1 Date (Time) traveltimetolevel1 TravelTimeToLevel1
Time to Travel to Level 2 Date (Time) traveltimetolevel2 TravelTimeToLevel2
Time to Travel to Level 3 Date (Time) traveltimetolevel3 TravelTimeToLevel3
Time to Travel to Level 4 Date (Time) traveltimetolevel4 TravelTimeToLevel4
Travel Time to Medivac Date (Time) traveltimetomedivac TravelTimeToMedivac