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New 6.0.png 22 new fields have been added to Land in 6.0.

The fields Development Project In Area Notes and Information Source Notes has been activated.
Mine action area type has changed name to Land classification.
Data type of Time to medical facility is changed to time.

Note.jpg The table is called hazard and the maXML element level3 is called Hazard.

Haz xml.png

maXML element level4 maXML element level5 maXML element level6 maXML Type DIM Label IMSMA Enum Category
AffectedResourceInfrastructure TypeOfBlockedAgricultural String Type of Blocked Agriculture AgriculturalField
AffectedResourceInfrastructure TypeOfBlockedInfrastructure String Type of Infrastructure Blocked InfrastructureBlock
AffectedResourceInfrastructure NumberAffectedCommunities Integer Number of Affected Communities
AffectedResourceInfrastructure TypeOfBlockedNonAgriculturalArea String Type of Non-Agricultural Areas Blocked NonAgriculturalArea
AffectedResourceInfrastructure TypeOfBlockedRoad String Type of Roads Blocked RoadBlockedTo
AffectedResourceInfrastructure TypeOfBlockedWaterAccess String Type of Water blocked WaterAccessBlock
AffectedResourceInfrastructure BlockingAgricultural String Agricultural Fields Blocked Yes No Answer
AffectedResourceInfrastructure BlockingRoad String Blocked Roads Yes No Answer
AffectedResourceInfrastructure BlockingWaterAccess String Blocked Water Access Yes No Answer
AffectedResourceInfrastructure BlockingInfrastructure String Infrastructure Blocked Yes No Answer
AmmunitionStorage PlaceName String Ammunition Storage
AmmunitionStorage PlaceID GUID String
AmmunitionStorage PlaceID OriginalID String
AntiLifted String Anti-Lift Fitted Yes No Answer
AreaSize MeasuredValue Double Area Size
AreaSize UnitOfMeasure String
Association AssociationIdentification GUID String
Association AssociationIdentification OriginalID String
Association TargetInformation Name String
Azimuth Double Azimuth
BoobyTrap String Booby Trapped Yes No Answer
Comments String Comment
Device DeviceClass DeviceCategory String Category
Device DeviceClass Model String Model
Device DeviceGUID String Ordnance Classification
Device Quantity Integer Quantity
Device DeviceClass DeviceSubCategory String SubCategory
DeviceInfoClassification String Ordnance Classification InformationClassification
DirectEvidence String Direct Evidence Direct Evidence
DistanceFromNearestTown MeasuredValue Double Distance from Nearest Town
DistanceFromNearestTown UnitOfMeasure String
EstimatedArea MeasuredValue Double Estimated Area
EstimatedArea UnitOfMeasure String
EstimatedLength MeasuredValue Double Estimated Length
EstimatedLength UnitOfMeasure String
EstimatedWidth MeasuredValue Double Estimated Width
EstimatedWidth UnitOfMeasure String
EvacuationRoute String Best Route to Land
EvidenceOfContamination String Evidence of Contamination Evidence Of Contamination
ExternalVisualOrdnanceCondition String External Visual Ordnance Condition External Visual Ordnance Condition
FightingInArea String Fighting in Area Yes No Answer
Geospatialinfo Geo GeospatialInfo
HazardDescription String Land Description
HazardIdentification OriginalID String Land Id
HazardIdentification GUID String
HazardName String Land Name
HazardOrganisation OrganisationID GUID GUID Organisation
HazardOrganisation OrganisationID OriginalID String Organisation ID
HazardOrganisation OrganisationName String Organisation Name
HazardStatus String Status HazardStatus
IndirectEvidence String Indirect Evidence Indirect Evidence
InformationSource String Information Source InformationSource
LandDisputes String Land Disputes Land Disputes
Landowner String Landowner
LandRelatedDisputes String Land Related Disputes Yes No Answer
MajorImpacts String Major Impacts
MarkingMethod String Marking type Marking Method
MedicalFacilityInfo MedicalFacilityName String Medical Facility Level x
MedicalFacilityInfo MedicalFacilityCategory String
MedicalFacilityInfo TravelTimeToFacility DateTime Time to Travel to Level x
MinesUxoCondition String Mines/UXO Condition MineCondition
Municipality String Municipality
NonAgricultureBlockage String Non-Agriculture Blockage Yes No Answer
OrdnanceSituation String Ordnance Situation Ordnance Situation
PhysicalEnvironment Terrain RemovalSuitability String Suitable For Clearance Operation
PhysicalEnvironment Terrain SoilContamination String Contamination Type ContaminationType
PhysicalEnvironment Vegetation VegetationDensity String Vegetation Density Density
PhysicalEnvironment Terrain Drainage String Drainage Features DrainageFeature
PhysicalEnvironment Terrain GroundProfile String Ground Profile GroundProfile
PhysicalEnvironment Terrain SoilMetalContentLevel String Magnetic/Ferrous Soil Level Level
PhysicalEnvironment Terrain MetalContaminationLevel String Metal Debris Level Metal Debris Level
PhysicalEnvironment SeasonalConsideration String Seasonal Considerations
PhysicalEnvironment Terrain TerrainInformation String Terrain/Locale Information
PhysicalEnvironment Terrain Slope String Slope Slope
PhysicalEnvironment Terrain SoilCategory String Ground Composition SoilType
PhysicalEnvironment Terrain TerrainCategory String Soil Compaction TerrainCategory
PhysicalEnvironment Vegetation VegetationCategory String Vegetation Vegetation
Priority String Priority Priority
ProjectPlanInArea String Development Project Planned in Area Yes No Answer
RecommendedClearance ClearanceDifficulty String Clearance Difficulty Difficulty
RecommendedClearance IntendedLandUse String Intended Land Use IntendedLandUse
RecommendedClearance TypeOfMechanicalDevice String Type of Mechanical Device MechanicalDeviceType
RecommendedClearance EstimatedCompletionOfClearance String Estimated Clearance Completion
RecommendedClearance IntendedLandUseDate DateTime Intended Land Use Date
RecommendedClearance RecommendedClearanceDepth UnitOfMeasure String
RecommendedClearance ReasonForClearanceDepth String Reason for Depth
RecommendedClearance RecommendedClearanceDepth MeasuredValue Double Recommended Clearance Depth
RecommendedClearance RecommendedNumberOfDeminingTeams Integer Recommended Number of Demining Teams
ReliabilityInfo InformationReliability String Reliability of Information InformationReliability
ReliabilityInfo SourceReliability String Reliability of Source SourceReliability
ReliabilityInfo Confirm String Confirmed Yes No Answer
RemainingArea UnitOfMeasure String
RemainingArea MeasuredValue Double Remaining Area
ReturneesExpected String Returnees expected Yes No Answer
RoadUsableFor String Road Usable For RoadUsableFor
SafetyAndSecurityBlockage String Safety And Security Blockage Yes No Answer
SafetyAndSecurityThreat String Safety and Security Threat Safety And Security Threat
StatusChangedComment String Status Changed Comment
StatusChangedDate Date Status changed Date
StatusChangedReason String Status Changed reason Hazard Status Changed Reason
TypeOfArea String Type Of Area AreaType
TypeOfContamination String Type of Contamination Type Of Contamination
TypeOfDangerousArea String Type of Hazardous Area DangerAreaType
TypeOfHazard String Land classification MineActionAreaType
TypeOfMinefield String Type of Minefield Type Of Minefield