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Note.jpg Landmine Impact Survey (LIS) is as survey method outdated and obsolete. Of course it is possible to use the fields for other types of surveys.
The table interviewee is a subobject to Activity, the entity type is called INTERVIEWEE and the target is called IntervieweeVersion.


DIM Label Data type Database column name Enumcategory Pojo name
Age String age Age
From Date of Service Date dateofservice_from DateOfServiceFrom
To Date of Service date dateofservice_to DateOfServiceTo
Family Name String familyname FamilyName
Gender Single-select genderenum_guid Gender Gender
Given Name String givenname GivenName
- Parent hazreduc_guid Hazreduc
- String interviewee_guid Guid
Interviewee Type Single-select intervieweetype_guid ExpertType IntervieweeType
Mine Victim Single-select isminevictim_guid Yes No Answer IsMineVictim
Length of Service String lengthofservice LengthOfService
Location of Service String locationofservice LocationOfService
Movement Member Single-select movementmember_guid Yes No Answer MovementMember
Position Rank String position_rank PositionRank
Time in Area String timeinarea TimeInArea
Vocation Type Single-select vocationtype_guid VocationType VocationType