Interview Information

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New 6.0.png These are new Victim fields in version 6.0.

This Data Inventory category contains the following fields about the interview:

  • who was interviewed
  • when and where did it took place
  • permission to share information

Victim interview.png

DIM Label Data type Database column name Enumcategory Pojo name
Interview Date Date interview_date InterviewDate
Interviewee Address Text interviewee_address IntervieweeAddress
Interviewee Family Name String interviewee_family_name IntervieweeFamilyName
Interviewee First Name String interviewee_first_name IntervieweeFirstName
Interviewee National ID String interviewee_national_id IntervieweeNationalId
Interviewee Type Single-select interviewee_type Interviewee Type IntervieweeType
Permission to Share with Authorities Single-select permission_to_share_with_authorities Permission To Share PermissionToShareWithAuthorities
Permission to Share with NGOs Single-select permission_to_share_with_ngos Permission To Share PermissionToShareWithNgos
Place of Interview Single-select place_of_interview Place Of Interview PlaceOfInterview