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Occasionally, the features displayed in the Map Pane may overlap with one another. When this happens, it becomes difficult to select and identify the features. The InfoPageIcon.png button that is displayed in the items pane allows you to list the selected items in the Map Pane.

  1. To identify features selected in the Map Pane use either:
    • the feature selection MouseIcon.png or
    • the lasso CatPaneIcon.png map control to select features in the Map Pane.
  2. To identify items selected from the Items Pane:
    • select the rows associated with the items.
  3. Click the InfoPageIcon.png button. The Identify Selection window lists the items.

From the Identify Selection window, you can display the Summary window for items in which you are interested by checking the checkbox beside the item and clicking the ViewIcon.png button.

Identify Selection Window Example

Identify Selection Window Example