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Note.jpg The table is called geospatialinfo and it cannot have CDFs. The maXML element is GeospatialInfo.

In the Data Inventory Manager it looks like that there are several Polygon property fields but all of them are stored in the same column. Polygon/polyline property is used for showing the polygon/polyline with different colours.

Geo category.png

Function Data type Database column name Enumcategory Pojo name
Poly Property String poly_prop_enum_guid Depends on item PolyProp
Shape ID String shape_id ShapeId
Shape type Single-select shapeenum_guid Shape Type Shape
Enumcategory Item Comment
Poly Property Accident Accident have no values from the installation
Poly Property Hazard Reduction Activity
Poly Property Assistance Assistance have no values from the installation
Poly Property Country Structure Country structure
Poly Property MRE Education
Poly Property Hazard Land
Poly Property Location Location
Poly Property Organisation Organisation
Poly Property Place Place
Poly Property QA QM
Poly Property Task Task
Poly Property Victim Victim have no values from the installation

The Poly property enumeration values should be customised by the NMAA to fit the requirements in the Mine Action programme.