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List windows have two different implementations:

  • all existing records are populated / filled in the list e.g. Organisation
  • no records are populated / filled in the list e.g. the Search functions in the Search menu.

Filter List window.png

You can limit the records displayed in the list by specify filter criterion:

  1. Select the attribute on which you would like to apply the filter on from the Filter drop-down list.
  2. Specify the criterion
  3. Click the Apply button.
Note.jpg The Filter drop-down list consists of the columns in the List. Click here to learn how to add columns to the list
Data type Example Filter criterion
Country Structure Victim Living In Filter cs.png
Date Status changed date Filter date between.png

Filter date last.png

Geographical information All items Only possible in Advanced Search
Multiple Select Vulnerable group Filter ms.png
Number Size of Living Space Filter number.png
Organisation Organisation Filter org.png
Place Place Filter place.png
Single Select Land Status Filter ss.png
Text Land Name Filter text.png
Time (is a special case of Date) Victim Time to Hospital Filter date between.png

Filter date last.png

Subobject Ordnance Only possible in Advanced Search
Note.jpg Note that text filter is not case-sensitive.
New 6.0.png Does Not Contain is a new option for text fields.

The calculated column Linked IDs have been added in version 6.0. Since the column is calculated it is not possible to filter on it. It is possible to show the Country Structure as a string Country/Province/District/Subdistrict/Town or as separate columns.

In the Advanced Search you may construct more advanced filters.