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Note.jpg The table is called fieldreport and the maXML element level3 is called FieldReportInfo.

FieldReportInfo contains metadata describing item MineActionFieldReports. All item data reports contains a FieldReportInfo and an item data part. In IMSMANG FieldReportInfo is referred to as Data Entry Form (DEF).

FieldReportInfo data has FieldReport in maXML element level2 and FieldReportInfo in maXML element level3.
E.g. Land item data has FieldReport in maXML element level2 and Hazard in maXML element level3.

Fr xml.png

maXML element level4 maXML Type DIM Label
FieldReportName String Data Entry Form Template
Version String Version
ReportingPerson String Reported By
ReportingPosition String Reported By Position
ReportingOrg String Report Owner
ReportingDate Date Date Of Information
VerifyingDate Date Approved Date
VerifiedBy String Approved By
ReportCompletedDate Date Submitted Date
Other String Comments