Exporting Part of Tree Structure from IMSMANG

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All Auxiliary data is exported from Advanced Search in the Search menu. Assistance, Cause, Country Structure and Needs classifications consist of nodes in a tree structure where lower levels are belonging to a parent. If you would like to export only part of a classification then

  1. the parent(s) of the part must also be exported
  2. if it should be used in an external tool e.g. IMSMA Remote Entry then the export format should be XML.

This example show how to export only a part of the Country Structure, Province C, which consists of two parts

  1. the parent of Province C and Province C itself
  2. the children of Province C.
    CS Export1.png

    First search

  1. Make an Advanced search that finds the parent and Province C itself.
  2. CS Export2.png

    Select the rows you want to export

  3. In result list select rows for the County and Province C.
  4. Export as XML.
  5. CS Export3.png

    Second search

  6. Make a second Advanced search that finds the children of Province C.
  7. Export as XML.