Execute a Search Definition

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Search definitions can be executed from either the Saved Searches window or from the window that displays the search definition details.

  1. In the Search menu → Saved Searches
  2. Select the row associated with the search definition you would like to execute.
  3. Click the ChartIcon.png button.
    • If you entered search values when you added the search definition, the search results display in the Search Results window. Continue to the Search Results Window.
    • If you checked the Prompt checkbox when you added the search definition, the Enter Search Prompt Values window displays.
  4. Starting with the row marked with a bold, blue border either:
    • Click the Value field and then enter the search value(s).
    • Click the button to select the search value(s).
    Enter Search Prompt Values Window

    Enter Search Prompt Values Window

  5. Repeat for any other row(s) that have the Prompt checkbox checked.
  6. Click the Run button.
Note.jpg You can also execute the search definition from the Search(Edit) window (which displays the search definition details) by clicking the Run button.