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Making a Map with Your Excel Data with Esri Maps for Office

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Note.jpg Currently the Excel plug-in does not work with Windows 2016.

By using the Excel plug-in it is not necessary to

  1. create a shape file with ArcGIS desktop
  2. upload layer to ArcGIS Online /Arc Portal


  1. Excel plug-in from ESRI ArcGIS Maps for Office
  2. ArcGIS Online / Arc Portal / IMSMA Core account
  3. Excel file with coordinates or a column that may be linked to an existing AGOL layer


1. Open the Excel workbook that contains your data and click the Esrl Maps tab in the Excel ribbon.

2. Click the Insert Map button at the top left of the Excel ribbon and enter your ArcGIS Online subscription account usar nama and password in the sign-in window. A map window with a default basemap opens. Note: You can change the default basemap by clicking Bas a map in the ribbon and clicking one of the other basemaps.

3. Click the Add Excal Data button or right-dick on the map and select Add Excel Data from the menu.

4. Choose Cell Range to manually select the data you want to add to the map. (The Table or Named Range option is described in the Esri Maps for Office Help.)

5. Select the cells that contain your data. Include column headers in your selection-they will be useful in a later step. Click OK.

6. Select the loc:ation type that best represents your data-for example, Addreas-and dick Next. The Location Columm window will show all the columns you selected. If you included column headers in step 5, they are displayed in the drop-down list, and the Firat row contaim header~ check box is automatically chetked.

7. Click the Add Data to Map button to finish adding the data. A layer containing your data is added to the map.

8. The layer is listed on the Map Contents tab in the Esrl Maps task pane in the right side of your Excel window. Right-click on the layer and select Go To from the menu to zoom to the layer's extent.

9. To add services homd from Arc(jiS Online, click the Search tab in the E1ri Map• task pane and enter a keyword.

10. Choose the service you want to mash up with your mapped data and dick the Add button next to the thumbnail in the list of your search results.

Note: To share your map in ArcGIS Online and publish it as a feature service, you must have the publisher or administrator role. Use the Esri Maps for Office add-in to make a map of your spreadsheet data without leaving the Excel environment. If you haven't downloaded the add-in yet, you can get it at esri.ccm/mapllforofficadownload in one of the supported languages. Please note that Esri Maps for Office requires Microsoft Office 2010 or higher.