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New 6.0.png These are new Victim fields in version 6.0.

These fields are used together with the subobject Cause/Event. This Data Inventory category contains the following fields used for more details on the event and the result of event.

Victim event.png

DIM Label Data type Database column name Enumcategory Pojo name
Accidentally Touched Single-select accidentally_touched Accidentally Touched AccidentallyTouched
Cause Comment Text cause_comment CauseComment
Intentionally Touched Single-select intentionally_touched Intentionally Touched IntentionallyTouched
Number Amputated Fingers Left Hand Integer number_amputated_fingers_left_hand NumberAmputatedFingersLeftHand
Number Amputated Fingers Right Hand Integer number_amputated_fingers_right_hand NumberAmputatedFingersRightHand
Number Amputated Toes Left Foot Integer number_amputated_toes_left_foot NumberAmputatedToesLeftFoot
Number Amputated Toes Right Foot Integer number_amputated_toes_right_foot NumberAmputatedToesRightFoot