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Note.jpg You have to specify the Coordinate System and Coordinate Format you would like to use before starting to enter the geospatial data.

There are several options to enter geospatial data into IMSMANG:

To enter the geospatial data into IMSMANG, click on Pencil for points.pngicon in the Data Entry Form Editor window.

The interface to enter geospatial data manually or by drawing on the map consists of two tables: a Points table, and a Polygon and Polyline Points table.


Point and Polygon/Polyline List Window

Buttons for Entering Geospatial Data
Button Description
Preview Geospatial Data Allows you to preview the geospatial data on the map.
Import Points Allows you to import geospatial data from an Excel or shape file.
Draw on Map Allows you to record the geospatial data by drawing on the map.
Add Allows you to manually enter geospatial data.
Modify Allows you to manually change the selected point.
Delete Allows you to delete the selected point.

The difference between the columns X / Lon & Y / Lat and X / Longitude & Y / Latitude is described here.

After you have entered the polygon/polyline points, IMSMANG displays the total calculated area size and line length of the polygons and/or polylines.

Point types

Which point type should be used depends on:

  1. if is it a single point;
  2. if is it a point that is part of a polygon / polyline;
  3. the type of contamination.

Point types used for recording of areas are of two main types;

  • single points;
  • part of the polygon.

More information on point types is available here.

Poly Property


Completion Report with 2 polygons

Poly Property is used for being able to distinguish between polylines and polygons in Map Pane. Example: in a Completion Report (Type of Activity) with Status Completed there are two polygons:

  1. one cleared with MDD asset
  2. one cleared with Mechanical asset.

Preview Geospatial Data

You can also preview geospatial data:

GIS Preview Geodata.png

Point and Polygon/Polyline List Preview window

New 6.0.png More functions have been added to the Preview window. It amongst other things possible to add labels. It is also possible to change the order of the themes.