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Note.jpg The main table is called mre, the entity type is called MRE, the target is called Mreversion and the main maXML artifact is MREActivity.


DIM Label Data type Database column name Enumcategory Pojo name
Inactive Single-select briefinglimits_guid BriefingLimits BriefingLimits
Inactive Single-select briefingthreats_guid BriefingThreats BriefingThreats
Inactive Single-select briefingwalked_guid BriefingWalked BriefingWalked
Campaign Level Single-select campaignlevel_guid CampaignLevel CampaignLevel
Comments Text comments Comments
Confirmed Single-select confirmed_guid Yes No Answer Confirmed
End Date Date enddate EndDate
Inactive - hazardref_guid HazardRef
Reliability of Information Single-select inforeliability_guid InformationReliability InfoReliability
Inactive - macid Macid
Mine Action Activity Type Single-select mineactiontype_guid Mine Action Activity MaType
Education ID String mre_localid LocalId
Date Date mredate Date
Reason Text mrereason Reason
Municipality String municipality Municipality
Organisation Organisation org_guid Organisation
Period Single-select period_guid MREPeriod Period
Planned End Date Date plannedenddate PlannedEndDate
Planned Start Date Date plannedstartdate PlannedStartDate
Project String project Project
Qty Integer qty Qty
Reliability of Source Single-select sourcereliability_guid SourceReliability SourceReliability
Start Date Date startdate StartDate
Status Single-select status_guid MREStatus Status
Inactive - supportedactivityother SupportedActivityOther
Supported Activity Type Single-select supportedactivitytype_guid SupportedActivity SupportedActivityType
Inactive - totalaudience TotalAudience