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Education refers to any type of Education including Mine Risk Education (MRE), Risk Education (RE), Victims rights and International Humanitarian Laws (IHL).

MRE are activities which seek to reduce the risk of injury from mines/ERW by raising awareness of men, women, and children in accordance with their different vulnerabilities, roles and needs, and promoting behavioural change including public information dissemination, education and training, and community mine action liaison.

Note.jpg Education item contains a special subobject, Education Details. Countries implement Education in two different ways:
  1. Education and Education Details,
  2. Education with CDFs instead of Education Details.

Contact your GICHD IM advisor before starting Education implementation or making any changes of your Education implementation.

Education is classified as:

  • Community liaison
  • Information management
  • Media
  • Presentation
  • Public performance
  • Training

The option Military occurs in three different fields in Education which seem confusing but:

  • the field Military Audience is a specification of the option Military in Audience type.
  • the field Personnel Audience is a specification of the option Mine action personnel in Audience type.
Education audience.png

It is important that the Audience reached by the Education activity is recorded Sex and Age Disaggregated and that the age categories are agreed on in the Mine Action programme.

New 6.0.png No new fields were added in version 6.0.

Some of the fields of the Education item are described here and here are the parts of the window explained.

Note.jpg The Inspiration Data Entry Form template for Education details has been corrected and is available for download here.