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New 6.0.png These are new Victim fields in version 6.0.
Note.jpg There are two different enumeration categories for Occupation.

This Data Inventory category contains the following fields used for both education and professional information such as profession before and after accident.

Victim education.png

DIM Label Data type Database column name Enumcategory Pojo name
Accident/Event Caused Loss of Job Single-select event_caused_loss_of_job Yes No Answer EventCausedLossOfJob
Child Attending School Single-select child_attending_school Yes No Answer ChildAttendingSchool
Denied Job Placement/Recruitment Opportunity Single-select denied_job_placement_opportunity Yes No Answer DeniedJobPlacementOpportunity
Denied Vocational Training Single-select denied_vocational_training Yes No Answer DeniedVocationalTraining
Education Information Comment Text education_information_comment EducationInformationComment
Encourage Complete Education Single-select encourage_complete_education Yes No Answer EncourageCompleteEducation
Highest Level Education Single-select highest_level_education Education HighestLevelEducation
Local Educational Service Met Needs of Victim Single-select local_educational_service_met_needs Yes No Answer LocalEducationalServiceMetNeeds
Occupation After Accident/Event Single-select occupation_after_event Occupation OccupationAfterEvent
Occupation Before Accident/Event Single-select occupation_before_event Occupation OccupationBeforeEvent
Preferred Occupation Multi-select Preferred Occupation PreferredOccupations
Professional Information Comment Text professional_information_comment ProfessionalInformationComment