Economic Information

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New 6.0.png These are new Victim fields in version 6.0.

This Data Inventory category contains the following fields used for economic information such as level of income and number of dependants.

Victim economic.png

DIM Label Data type Database column name Enumcategory Pojo name
Breadwinner Role Changed after Accident Single-select bread_winner_role_changed_after_accident Yes No Answer BreadWinnerRoleChangedAfterAccident
Economic Information Comment Text economic_information_comment EconomicInformationComment
Level of Income Single-select level_of_income Level Of Income LevelOfIncome
Number of Dependents Age 0 to 18 Integer number_of_dependents_age_0_to_18 NumberOfDependentsAge0To18
Number of Dependents Age 19 to 55 Integer number_of_dependents_age_19_to_55 NumberOfDependentsAge19To55
Number of Dependents Older Than 55 Integer number_of_dependents_older_than_55 NumberOfDependentsOlderThan55
Source of Income after Accident Multi-select Source Of Income After Accident SourcesOfIncomeAfterAccident
Source of Income before Accident Multi-select Source Of Income Before Accident SourcesOfIncomeBeforeAccident
Type of Dependents Multi-select Type Of Dependents TypesOfDependents
Victim Breadwinner Single-select victim_breadwinner Victim Breadwinner VictimBreadwinner