Demining Accident

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New 6.0.png Most of these are new Accident fields in version 6.0.

This Data Inventory category contains the following fields used for information specific to Demining Accidents.

Victim deminer.png

DIM Label Data type Database column name Enumcategory Pojo name
Corrective Action Taken Multi-select Corrective Action Taken CorrectiveActionsTaken
Demining Area Type Single-select demining_area_type Demining Area Type DeminingAreaType
Demining Asset Single-select demining_asset Resource DeminingAsset
Depth of Ordnance Single-select depth_of_ordnance Depth Of Ordnance DepthOfOrdnance
Equipment Damage Numeric equipdamage EquipDamage
Ground Composition Single-select ground_composition SoilType GroundComposition
Magnetic/Ferrous Soil Content Single-select magnetic_ferrous_soil_content Level MagneticFerrousSoilContent
Metal Debris Level Single-select metal_debris_level Metal Debris Level MetalDebrisLevel
Mine Action Activity Type Single-select maactivitytype_guid Mine Action Activity MaActivityType
Property Damage Numeric propertydamage PropertyDamage
RAPID Land Classification Single-select rapid_land_classification MineActionAreaType RapidLandClassification
RAPID Organisation Type Single-select rapid_organisation_type RAPID Organisation Type RapidOrganisationType
Slope Single-select slope Slope Slope
Soil Characterisation Single-select soil_characterisation Soil Characterisation SoilCharacterisation
Soil Compaction Single-select soil_compaction TerrainCategory SoilCompaction
Temperature Single-select temperature Temperature Temperature
Vegetation Density Single-select vegetation_density Density VegetationDensity
Was Mine/UXO Marked? Single-select mineuxomarked_guid accidentMineMarked MineUxoMarked
Wind Speed Single-select wind_speed Wind Speed WindSpeed