Delete a Role

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Note.jpg A Role cannot be deleted if Users are assigned to use the Role. Be aware that the imsma user is assigned the four predefined Roles.
Warning.jpg Be careful not to delete the 'Operations Role without first having assigned the User Admin or Role Admin permissions to another Role. If the User Admin or Role Admin permissions are not assigned to a Role, it will not be possible to add, change, or delete IMSMANG Users and Roles.
  1. In the Accounts menu → Roles.
  2. Role window1.png

  3. Click the name of the Role you would like to delete.
  4. Click the EcksButton.png button.
    If the Role is not in use, the Verify Role Deletion window displays. To continue deleting the Role, click the Yes button; otherwise, click the No button.
Note.jpg The following error message indicates that the Role is assigned to a User.
The role is assigned to a user and cannot be deleted.

Click the OK button. If you would like to delete the role, you will first need to delete the role from the users who are currently using it.