Delete Auxiliary Data

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Note.jpg To delete Auxiliary data, your IMSMANG user account must belong to a User Role that has permission with Read and Write level. Contact your IMSMANG Administrator if you have questions on permissions.
Note.jpg It is only possible to delete Auxiliary data that is not referenced from any other record in the database. An alternative to deleting is to set the Auxiliary data to Inactive.
This page applies to
Delete Assistance Classification
Delete Cause Classification
Delete Country Structure
Delete Needs Classification
Delete Ordnance Classification
Delete Organisation
Delete Place
  1. In the Data Entry menu, select the type of Auxiliary data you would like to delete from.
  2. Depending of which type you selected two different window types will display.

    List Windows Tree managers
    ListWindow.png Tree manager.png
    Select the row with the record you would like to delete Select the node with the record you would like to delete
  3. Click the EcksButton.png button.
  4. Delete confirm.png
    The Delete confirmation displays
  5. To delete, click the Yes button.
Note.jpg The following error message indicates that the place is referenced by a data entry form:
The selected item is in use within the system, and cannot be deleted.