Defining Roles, Permissions and Users

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Note.jpg To add, change permissions associated with, or delete IMSMA roles, you must have permission Role Admin.

IMSMANG allows information managers to control permissions for IMSMANG functions through the management of Users and Roles.

Approval buttons.png

Permission to Save - Submit - Approve - Reject are controlled by which Role the User belong to

With multiple permission levels for the Approval process, for example, different users can be assigned different permissions, allowing Mine Action Programmes to implement a Data Entry workflow that distinguishes between Data Entry and Data Verification roles. It is recommended to set up a permission structure that reserves approval authority for Data Entry Forms for the most experienced users.

Some of the permissions have two different levels:

  • Read-only
  • Read and Write
Recommended IMSMANG Roles
Role Description
Data Entry Users whose primary function is to enter Data Entry Forms. This role may or may not include the ability to approve Data Entry Forms.
Data Verification Users who typically perform quality checks on the data entered by Data Entry users. This role is responsible for verifying the accuracy of the data entered and approving Data Entry Forms.
Operations Users who typically browse for information within IMSMANG to make operational decisions. These users often perform searches for data, generate reports and analyse the data to support operational needs.
Operator Administrator User that is not working at the NMAA and has more permission than Data Entry users. These could be permissions that is needed after installation e.g. Reference system or permission to publish Data Entry Forms templates.
IMSMA Administrator Users who perform Information Management / System administrator specific functions such as creating Data Entry Form templates, designing printing reports, backing up and restoring data and other technical functions.
Guest Users with essentially read-only access to browse data.
Note.jpg Ensure that NMAA has exclusive control over user accounts and roles, Data Entry Form templates, the Data Inventory Manager and Auxiliary data.

Access to IMSMANG functions are handled by the permissions. Permissions allow a user to view information related to a function, or view and change information related to a function. Roles are named groups of permissions that can be assigned to users. IMSMANG includes several predefined roles with the installation. It is strongly recommended to customise these roles to the need of the Mine Action Programme. It is of course also possible to add new roles or copy existing roles.

New 6.0.png 5 new permission groups with Read only variations have been added:
  • Assistance classification
  • Cause classification
  • Country structure
  • Hierarchy manager
  • Needs classification

Note.jpg 1st July 2016 it was reported that users must have Read and Write on Organisation in order to be able to enter geographical data in Data Entry Forms. Investigations are on-going.