Deactivate a User

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Deactivating a user prevents the user from logging into IMSMA with their user account. However, it retains the user information in IMSMA.

Note.jpg If you decide to deactivate the default imsma user, be sure to create another user with access to the Role Admin and User Admin permissions before deactivating the imsma user.
  1. In the Accounts menu → Users.
  2. User list1.png

  3. Click the name of the user that you would like to deactivate.
  4. Click the FieldViewIcon.png button.
  5. User Editor Window.png

  6. Select the Inactive status option.
  7. To save the change to the user and close the User Editor window, click the Save button.
  8. Note.jpg If you need to reactivate a user, you can do so by repeating these steps and selecting the Active option.