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Note.jpg The table is called fieldreport and it cannot have CDFs. The maXML artifact is FieldReportInfo.

Date of Information and Form ID are vital for the function of IMSMANG and should always be filled in. The easiest way to ensure that is to included them as required fields in all Date Entry Form templates.

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DIM Label Data type Database column name Enumcategory Pojo name
Approvable Boolean approvable Approvable
- Text comment Comment
Data Enterer String dataenterer DataEnterer
Last updated Date dataentrydate DataEntryDate
Date of Information Date dateofreport DateOfReport
Form ID String fieldreport_localid LocalId
Data Entry Form Template String fieldreportdesc_guid Fieldreportdesc
- Text import_errors ImportErrorsText
Import Issues Boolean import_errors_unresolved UnresolvedImportErrorsExist
Submitted Date Date reportcompleteddate ReportCompletedDate
Reported by Text reportedby ReportedBy
Reported by position String reportedbyposition ReportedByPosition
Data Entry Date Date reportreceiveddate ReportReceivedDate
Approved Date Date reportverifieddate ReportVerifiedDate
Approved by String verifiedby VerifiedBy
Data Entry Form Status Single-select workbenchstatusenum_guid Workbench Status WorkbenchStatus