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Note.jpg Date of Information and Form ID are vital for the function of IMSMANG and should always be filled in. The easiest way to ensure that is to included them as required fields in all Date Entry Form templates.

The table fieldreport contains amongst other fields, 5 important date fields.

column used as comment
dateofreport Date of Information Is selected by the user
reportreceiveddate Data Entry Date Is set when the user clicks on the Save button
reportcompleteddate Submitted Date Is set when the user clicks on the Submit button
reportverifieddate Approved Date Is set when the user clicks on the Approve button or when the report is automatically approved at import
dataentrydate Last updated Is changed when e.g. the template is switched

A data entry form may have different status

Enumeration value Translation
Needs Completion Saved
Needs Approval Submitted
Needs Revision Rejected
Approved Approved