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Warning.jpg Depending on if a database is originally created with 5.x or 6.0 there are differences in Foreign keys' CASCADE on delete.
Note.jpg The length of the fields may vary between databases that are migrated from Legacy databases and databases that were created with IMSMANG of version 5 or newer.
Note.jpg [italic] will highlight something technical such as IMSMANG database table name.

The Data Dictionary has two different user groups:

  • non-technical users
  • administrators.

There are fields that are shown in the DIM that are of the type calculated fields and they are therefore not included in the Data Dictionary. Examples are:

  • Calculated area,
  • Last updated date and
  • Linked IDs.

The structure is following the layout of the Data Inventory Manager. The IMSMANG version 6.0 database contains 205 tables but not all of them are described here. Contact your GICHD IM advisor if you have questions about tables.

The maXML schema is described here.