Customising MINT

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The look-and-feel of the MINT browser interface can be customised for each Organisation. The package that defines how the interface looks like is called a theme. The default theme is the GICHD one that includes the GICHD logo as well as GICHD colors. The screenshot below shows the GICHD theme as well as two available out-of-the-box themes:

MINT themes.png

Adapting a theme means defining a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) file that defines what elements of the style shall be different than the default. Custom themes are developed by the GICHD on request. However, changes are limited to:

  • logos and
  • main colors of the interface

No major other changes will be made to the look-and-feel of the application.

Once a new theme (in form of a zip file) is made available, it can be uploaded to MINT by right-clicking on the themes folder and choosing Upload a Theme.

MINT upload theme.png

Once more than one theme is available in one organisation on MINT, the administrator can switch between themes by highlighting one, right-clicking, and choosing Set as Active Theme.

MINT activate theme.png
Note.jpg By default only administrators have access to the themes folder within an Organisation in MINT.