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EditingATable.png Table property editor.png<

Renaming a Table

  1. Double-click the label text above the table.
  2. In the Component Property Editor window, edit any of the following:
    1. Rename the table by editing the Text field.
    2. Change the label’s display format by editing the Font, Style, and Size fields.

Renaming a Column

  1. Double-click the column's heading.
    Rename column table widget.png
  2. In the Input window, edit the heading.

Editing Properties of the Table

  1. Click the left border of the table.
  2. The Component Property Editor window opens.

Editing Width and Height

Enter new values into the Width and/or Height fields.

Editing Columns

  • To add columns, select the column you would like to display in the left pane. and click the ColumnsIcon.png button. The selected column displays in the Selected Columns pane.
  • To change the display order of the selected columns, select the column and click the UpBlueArrow.png button to move it up in the list, or click the DownBlueArrow.png button to move it down in the list.
  • To delete a column from the display, select the column from the right pane and click the EcksButton.png button.