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IMSMANG allows you to create, change, and delete fields which are not predefined in IMSMA. These fields are referred to as Custom Defined Fields (CDFs). CDFs can be added to items and Auxiliary data but not to the Data Entry Form item.


  1. Add the CDFs in the Data Inventory Manager.
    1. establish that the field does not already exists
    2. how will the data be used?
    3. which data type?
  2. Add them to Data Entry Form templates so users may add data into the CDFs.
  3. CDFs and Data Entry Form Items
  4. Add the CDFs to the Summary window templates so the users may see the data they have entered.
  5. Custom Defined Field Viewable in Summary Window
  6. Add the CDFs to the printing iReport templates.
  7. Consider if the CDF should be included in existing Saved searches or if a new Saved search should be created.
  8. Consider if the CDFs should be included in statistic iReports.
  9. Consider if a sub-theme should be created for the CDFs.
  10. Consider if the CDF should be included in other statistic reports, maps, etc.
Note.jpg Auxiliary data and Task CDFs are automatically added to the to the designated area in the Editor windows. As administrator you cannot control placement nor size of the controls.
CDFs in the Editor Window