Creating Custom Home Pages in MINT

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Note.jpg Custom home pages have to be set on the server directly. Therefore, the GICHD IM advisor needs to be contacted to perform such a change. This page contains details on the information to be collected beforehand. It is recommended to have a clear picture of the roles and their respective home pages before requesting custom home pages.

Creating a custom home page

When logging in to MINT, by default a user sees the following home page (depending on the history, the sections Popular Resources and Recently Viewed Items can contain links to resources and objects in the MINT repository).

MINT default home page.png

However, the home page a user sees when logging in can be customized based on the role of the user. Possible landing pages include:

  • A specific dashboard - this is useful if for example a group of users is interested in very specific indicators only and should not care about other objects in the repository. Setting the home page to a dashboard containing those indicators makes the relevant information available at a glance, without having to click around and find the relevant objects in a potentially long list or in nested folders.
  • A specific report - same as above, the relevant information can be captured in a report instead of a dashboard. It could also be useful to create a report that contains a list of available reports, so that the user logging in can see reports relevant for her or him at a glance.
Note.jpg Please note that the home page button MINT home button.png always directs to the user's home page, i.e. the default one if nothing is specified, or the custom one if there is any.

In order to set a custom home page for specific users, the following steps are required:

  1. Create a role (if not yet done) based on which the custom home page will be set
  2. Assign this role to the required users
  3. Determine the path to the report/dashboard that should be set as the home page. To do so, right-click on the dashboard/report and select Properties. The string under Path is the path to the object
    MINT dashboard path example.png
  4. Send all this information (role name, path) to your GICHD IM advisor who will then take the appropriate action.

Creating tabbed home pages

There is also the possibility of having a home page organised in tabs, similar to the tabs of a web browser, where each tab typically corresponds to a dashboard or report.

MINT tabbed home pages.png

In order to set a custom home page for specific users, the following information needs to be sent to your GICHD IM advisor:

  • Name of the role for which the tabbed home page needs to be set
  • For each tab, the path to the object (dashboard/report) that should be accessible by clicking on the tab as well as the desired label of the tab (e.g. DEMO Strategic, DEMO Operational etc. in the example screen shot above).