Core Design Concepts

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Elements of the main IMSMA user interface
The IMSMA Navigation Window displays at the launch of the system.

The core design concepts of IMSMA are the fundamental ideas and values that have driven the development.


Designed with the end user in mind, the IMSMA Navigation Window provides immediate access to the the most commonly used tools including data entry, data validation, data search and reporting. A user can interact with elements of any of the panes and access additional details. The user can browse for more details including past information leading up to the current situation.


IMSMANG was designed to be adapted to the reality surrounding it. It provides customisation tools that enable an IMSMA administrator mine action programme to adjust the information management system to meet the needs of the programme.

Adaptable data collection forms

The Data Entry Form Template Design is a tool that allows for the creation of survey forms or any other form needed to record data on mine action objects and activities. The IMSMANG forms can be created to look like the actual survey forms used in the field for data collection.

Report Designer

The report designer is a graphic tool for creating Report Templates. Report templates are saved reports that can be run on the dataset by any user to give statistics or tables of information.