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The page layout button AlterLayoutIcon.png displays a preview of the map as it would appear when it is printed. It also displays the map layout toolbar. Enabling the map layout mode temporarily disables the country structure pane and the items pane of the IMSMA Navigation window.

Map Layout View and Toolbar

Map Layout View and Toolbar

Note.jpg Clicking the AlterLayoutIcon.png button again will display the default view of the map.

The buttons in the map layout toolbar and their descriptions are listed in the following table. For more information on using these tools, refer to Map Layouts.

Map Layout Toolbar Buttons
Button Description
AppMapLayIcon.png Allows you to apply a map layout.
SaveMapLayIcon.png Allows you to save the map layout.
TogLayIcon.png Allows you to toggle between the map layout and the page layout.
SetSizeIcon.png Allows you to set the paper size, page orientation, and margins.
PrintMapIcon.png Allows you to print the map.
MovePageIcon.png Allows you to move the page within the map pane.
DispLargIcon.png Displays the page at a larger scale.
DispSmallIcon.png Displays the page at a smaller scale.
DispSelScaIcon.png Displays the page in the scale selected.
Note.jpg While in the map layout view, you can continue to use many of the map control buttons.