Connecting to IMSMA Staging area from Excel

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Note.jpg The PostgreSQL ODBC driver must be installed and an ODBC source created before loading the data into Excel.
Excel data source1.png

Data tab - Data Source

  1. On the Data tab, click on From Other Sources and choose From Data Connection Wizard.

    Excel data source2.png

    Wizard pane 1

  2. Choose ODBC DSN and click Next.

    Excel data source3.png

    Wizard pane 2

  3. Select your ODBC source and click Next.

    Excel data source4.png

    Wizard pane 3

  4. First are the views listed and then the tables. Scroll until you find the table/view you would like to load into Excel. Select it and click Next.

    Excel data source5.png

    Wizard pane 4

  5. Enter description and click Finish.

    Excel data source6.png

    Wizard pane 5

  6. Select what type and where you would like the data and click OK.

  7. The data is loaded into Excel.
    Excel refresh.png

    Data tab - Refresh

  8. When the IMSMA Staging area is updated, the data in the Excel will be loaded again when you click on Refresh.