Connecting to IMSMA Staging area from ArcGIS

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To be able to connect to the IMSMA Staging area database from ArcGIS you need to copy the client library files to the \ArcGIS\Desktop10.1\bin folder:

  • libeay32.dll
  • libiconv-2.dll
  • libintl-8.dll
  • libpq.dll
  • ssleay32.dll

You can download these files from here or copy from C:\IMSMAng\pgsql\bin.

Note.jpg You would also need the font icomoon.tff which you may download from here.
Staging mxd.png

There is also a special mxd-file, staging.mxd, that contains the IMSMA symbology and has Data Source set to a PostgreSQL database called staging for all layers. You find the staging-MM-DD-YY.mxd in C:\IMSMAETLTool\data. The visible scale ranges in staging-MM-DD-YY.mxd are the same as in IMSMA.mxd.

Repair broken links SA.png

The red exclamation mark indicates that Data Connection is broken

If your IMSMA Staging area database is called something else than staging, you need to rebuild the Data Source links for each layer. On ESRI's ArcGIS Resource Center you will find instructions on how to Repair broken links for multiple layers.

  1. Right click on e.g. Lands - Generic - Land Polygon and choose Properties in the menu.
  2. The following window will open.
  3. Create DataConnection staging0.png

    Layer Properties

  4. Go to tab Source.
  5. Click on Set Data Source.
  6. Create DataConnection staging.png

    The connection type is Database

  7. If you not already have a Database connection to your Staging area database, you need to create one first. Double-click on Add Database Connection.
  8. Create DataConnection staging1.png

    Define the Database connection

  9. Fill in server name, user and password.
  10. Select the database and click OK.
  11. Create DataConnection staging2.png

    Specify Database Connection

  12. Back in the Data Source window, double-click on the Database Connection.
  13. Create DataConnection staging3.png

    Define the Database connection

  14. Select the corresponding view, in this example hazard_polygon_view. Click on Add.
  15. Back in Layer Properties window, click on OK.
  16. Now all other broken links to your Staging area database should be repaired too.