Configure List Options and Translate the System

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Editing the Start page

The Start page is a html file, C:\IMSMARE\webapp\resources\home_text.html that you may edit, add links too and translate.

Configuring List Options

Note.jpg Use Notepad to configure the list options.

If you are translating the system, configure the list options first.

  1. Navigate to c:\IMSMARE\webapp\resources.
  2. Open
  3. Edit the options for one or more of the following lists:
    • Point Type
    • Fixed By
    • Marked/Destroyed

Use commas to separate list options.

You can edit any list option located after the "=".

You should not edit the list labels located before the "=".

Translating the System

Note.jpg Use Rosetta-J to translate the system. You may download Rosetta-J from here. Contact your GICHD IM advisor before starting to translate.
  1. Navigate to c:\IMSMARE\webapp\resources.
  2. Translate home_text.html
  3. Translate
  4. Translate